"You won’t know your limits until you soar high and give it a try.”Vikrmn, GWG

Our Services & Strategies

Genovation Capital successfully divested three previous business interests into stand-alone “reporting issuers” through a Plan of Arrangement in 2015, and works closely with the Canadian Securities Exchange to achieve a public listing. The Company is seeking additional business opportunities that offer potential for near term cash flow and sustainable growth.

Why do you want to go public?

  • To raise funds for expansion of operations;
  • To secure an easier access to future capital on more favourable terms;
  • To provide liquidity and/or exit strategy for shareholders;
  • To enhance the company’s reputation and credibility;
  • To increase the market’s awareness of the company and its products;
  • To provide ‘acquisition currency’ to facilitate acquisitions;
  • To attract and retain employees;
  • To obtain a market valuation of the company.

  • Vision Statement

    Genovation Capital strives to provide a value-added structure and efficient mechanism to “going public”, enabling access to alternative funding opportunities and growth capital. The objective is to optimize the founding shareholder’s equity positions, reduce the cost of capital, and attract a following of accredited investors, stockbrokers, fund managers and analysts to your company.

  • Strategy

    Genovation Capital Corp is focused on partnering with established private business and acquisition opportunities looking to go public. We act as a public company incubator, applying human and financial capital and resources to efficiently engineer the ideal "going public" transaction. We have assisted clients and partners raise tens of millions of dollars with minimal dilution to the founders. Genovation Capital works with companies that have the potential to build sustainable and successful businesses and have the following characteristics:

    • Located or willing to relocate to the Greater Vancouver / lower mainland area
    • Resourceful management team with impeccable integrity
    • Solution to a compelling business problem
    • Large identified market opportunity
    • Defensible business model / proprietary technology
    • Sustainable competitive advantage
    • Some level of market validation
    • Ability to attract future funding
    • Credible exit potential

    Genovation Capital looks for opportunities to take your company to the next level and significantly enhance its valuation. A company should be able to demonstrate how it will use access to new capital to complete at least some of the following:

    • Proof of concept
    • Prototype of its product or technology
    • Patent filing (for broad patent)
    • Product progress
    • Market research
    • Product launch
    • Major contract or customers
    • Management team
    • Reduce other investment risks
  • Services

    The Genovation Capital team is made up of business entrepreneurs, investment industry, legal, accounting and investor relations professionals with a proven track record in public company strategy, formation, leadership, and ultimately reducing the cost of capital for clients. Our group of professionals has a combined 110 years’ experience in the financial industry, in business formation and entrepreneurship, and public company management and administration.

    Often, Genovation Capital takes on the traditional role of an outsourced CFO, providing organization, structure and access to capital markets and the investment community, human resources, financial engineering expertise, and providing creative strategy and positioning, effectively in partnership with you, the entrepreneurial and visionary capitalist executing the business side.